INR Buddy

An extremely effective m-health solution for immediate and live-communication between patients on “at home” anticoagulation self-monitoring and clinicians for INR result analysis and anticoagulation dosage prescription”.

Rafael R Guerrero FRCSI, FRCS(CTh), FETCS, MD
Consultant Congenital Cardiac Surgeon, Cardiac Unit
Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust


  • Get Action on Test Results Immediately
    Since abnormal results are alerted immediately to the clinical team, medication adjustments can be made sooner (usually the same day) to help prevent complications from arising if the person is out of range for a period of time.
  • Saves You Time
    Time spent trying to contact the clinic is reduced since testing can be done at home and INR data are sent real-time to the team electronically.
  • Conveniently Fits Your Schedule
    Testing and transmission of results at a time and place that’s convenient for the patient and/or parents/carers.
  • Gives You Control
    A complete graphical trend of results and associated anti-coagulation dosage is available for both clinicians and patients/parents/carers/GP’s.
  • Less Worry
    People who take anticoagulants daily can enjoy greater “peace of mind” knowing that emergencies can be addressed quicker and can be prevented and their health is being monitored more frequently.
  • Reduces Medical Complications
    Published studies show that there are fewer medical complications, fewer health risks, and fewer visits to the emergency room when self-testing is done on a weekly basis.