Clinical Assessments

Using Med eTrax, Healthcare professionals can now carry out a  range of assessments as well as admission screening procedures,  at the bedside.

MedeTrax assessments including:

  • Weight
    • Body fat in large amounts can lead to weight-related diseases and other health issues. Being underweight can also be risky too. MedeTrax provides an effective tool that helps monitor patients Weight over time and results can be viewed in charts.
  • Blood Glucose
    • Monitoring Blood Glucose can be a beneficial part of Diabetes management. Using our Blood Glucose assessment can help clinicians and patients decide necessary lifestyle and treatment choices as well as help to monitor for symptoms of hypo- or hyperglycemia. MedeTrax Blood Glucose assessment can also help the healthcare team to alter treatment which in turn can help prevent any long-term complications from developing.

Other optional assessment tools available include:

  • MUST
  • Cannula Management
  • Stool Charts
  • Waterlow
  • Falls