An integral component of the MedeTrax solution is its live alerting application, underpinned by the application interface which constantly monitors live patient observations. Configurable “patient specific” EWS alerting thresholds are set upon admission for that patient. Should the interface recognize a patient observation has breached the set threshold, a call to action to the relevant clinician or team is initiated. A completely auditable and configurable function within the CMS also allows clinicians to set which patients they wish to be notified about.

The application is available cross platform and has a very easy to use design, with each alert being accompanied by the pertinent patients observation chart with a summary of what has triggered the alert.

Benefits include:

  • Clinicians are alerted as soon as a patient’s health deteriorates.
  • Clinicians get a snap shot view of the bedside wherever they are in the hospital.
  • Frees up time for clinicians to spend with other patients.
  • Provides mobile capability
  • Supported by any “smart” device
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