Med ePad secures 150k funding

Liverpool-based Med ePad has secured 150,000 in new investment to support its mobile healthcare product.

The company has created an interactive touch screen tablet for healthcare providers which is loaned to patients and is able to portray condition specific apps.

The investment has come from the North West Fund for Digital and Creative and will fund Med ePad’s ongoing trials of its system with NHS patients and customers through to commercial launch later in 2013.

The digital and creative fund is managed by AXM Venture Capital.

AXM introduced new chairman Tom Nawojczyk and new chief executive John Hopkins to work with Med ePad’s founder Rob Connell to deliver the tablet-based mobile healthcare system.

Nawojczyk and Hopkins previously led in4tek, a successful patient-centric healthcare systems vendor which they sold to Civica in 2009.

The North West Fund has cumulatively led 500,000 of equity investment into Med ePad, including investment from the new management team.

The company originally received a 50,000 Pathfinder Investment from the North West Fund for Biomedicalto enable it to start trials of its innovative healthcare technology.

Source:Insider Media

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