Med ePad Prostate Clinic App and Service Provision

ABM LHB (South Wales) have commenced trials with an innovative patient held application proof of concept trial to support patients attending the Prostate clinic. The trial involving the hospitals and local GP’s is designed to inform and support patients through process of diagnosis and treatment for prostate problems. By providing better information at the point of referral to the service, the patients will be better informed about their condition and the treatment options available during their consultations.

Andrew Thomas Consultant Urologist, ABM LHB
(Senior Partner, Glamorgan Urology
Founder Trustee of Prostate Cymru Charitable Trust)
leading the trail said:

“ I’m certain that the prostate clinic app portrayed via the Med ePad device will provide a revolutionary new platform to enhance ‘patient centred care’ in the diagnosis and management of patients with suspected prostate cancer. In my view this solution will:
• reduce patient stress
• facilitate and speed up the diagnostic pathway
• improve communication between the clinician (doctor or nurse) and the patient and between individual groups of doctors involved in multi-disciplinary care of the patient
• facilitate patient education on the anatomy, function and disorders of the prostate gland
• improve patient decision making, when faced with a multitude of treatment options
• enable the patient to feedback on the performance of individuals clinicians in the prostate clinic (allowing constant revalidation)”

Professor Kevin Davis (Professor of Nursing Wales and Prostate Cymru Representative) had this to say about the Med ePad Prostate Clinic service provision.

“This is an innovative and very useful tool. It should help patients in their preparation for their journey through what may seem like a daunting challenge. Indeed, for those patients who are not so confident with the internet it is ideal. There might be a training element for some patients though. It is good for wives and partners also”.

For further information please contact

John Hopkins
CEO Med ePad Limited

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