• John Hopkins CEO

    John has worked in sales for 28 years and has a wealth of experience of multi level selling within government organisations, such as the NHS and Local Government Social Service Departments. John was responsible for the first Community Health PFI deal in the NHS in 1997…

  • Rob Connell Founder and CTO

    Rob founded Med eTrax in 2011 as a result of his experience and understanding of the challenges facing the NHS and modern health providers worldwide of efficiently and effectively integrating technical advances with their existing control and management systems and…

  • Erutase Akpobome Senior Developer

    Erutase is one of the senior developers for MedeTrax and brings over 3 years of experience with the NHS. Erutase has developed an excellent understanding of how Clinicians and staff operate in an NHS environment which is crucial to developing, installing and managing…

  • Isam Brahim
    Isam Brahim Junior Application Developer

    Technology enthusiast with a very keen interest in software development. Recently, completed Computer Science Degree in CIT and joined Med eTrax development team as a Junior Software Developer.

  • Paul Mathew Software Developer

    Paul is a software developer who holds an MSc in Advanced Computer Science and Information Technologies Management. As the part of his undergraduate and postgraduate course he has been involved in various projects and has developed applications for sensor….

  • Mohamed A.M. Mahyoub SQL Developer & DBA

    Mohamed is a DBA & SQL Developer with over 3 years experience in SQL and web application development. As a PhD candidate¬†in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Mohamed has acquired commercial and academic experience in the analysis and development…