About Us
Med eTrax Ltd is an innovative software company bringing mobile technology to Acute and Community Health care settings for the benefit of Patients and Clinicians.

We have developed a range of innovation software products based on our integrated communications platform that supports in-hospital observations and also community based observations and results.

The inherent flexibility of our solution, allows hospitals to capture patient observations on the ward and can also support the patient in the community whether that be for post discharge support or a long terms condition. Med eTrax uniquely allows the information to be held in a single patient record for access by the supporting clinical team and definable pertinent parties such as GP’s, Care Workers etc., and alerts them to changes wherever the patient maybe home or abroad, and much more besides.

Our installed base include some of the UK’s largest and most innovative hospitals.

Based in Liverpool we work with both Liverpool John Moores University, University of Liverpool and a team of forward thinking and innovation clinicians to push the boundaries of health care observations.

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